BM: Refactoring EOSIO resource allocation

BM published an article on Refactoring EOSIO Resource Allocation on Medium today. The main points are as follows:
In the design of REX in the past, since demand and supply were normally distributed in the theoretical conception, but the reality is still two or eight, the current status of REX reflects our need to strengthen flexibility in design.
To this end, he proposed restructuring: all CPU time (100%) should be leased from the system contract at EOS pricing, this price will increase exponentially as the percentage of CPU lease increases, and EOS paid for CPU time lease will be allocated Mortgage pool.
Assume that you can increase your EOS by 1 EOS each month. You can spend 1 EOS in the leasing market and get the corresponding amount of CPU. That is, the price of CPU changes dynamically, and some rental fees are refunded based on the percentage of tokens you mortgage.
In this way, users do not need to consider the market impact caused by the dynamic adjustment of CPU collateral or REX withdrawal. In addition, CPU time cannot be transferred because all CPU time is leased through system contracts instead of collateral EOS. The chart below outlines the new pricing model.