Filecoin determines single / multi-GPU mining for next development version, CPU mining abandoned

According to the official announcement from Filecoin Slack, the next Filecoin development testnet will require single GPU or multi-GPU mining. Currently, the Filecoin team is testing the mining performance of graphics cards such as Nvidia 2080ti. It is understood that previously sold CPU machine miners will not be able to participate in Filecoin mining, and Ethereum graphics card miners will have the opportunity to participate in mining. According to the official disclosure, Nvidia 1080ti graphics card has been confirmed to participate in Filecoin mining. But this does not mean that Filecoin will become a mining coin for graphics cards, which is a configuration that runs election nodes. According to official sources, the reason for using a graphics card is to perform a large number of post-snark calculations in a block time, and the current optimal solution for snark calculations is the GPU rather than the CPU.