21 people were arrested and 9 people were arrested in the "hero chain" fraud case.

Recently, under the guidance of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the Municipal Bureau, the Zhuhui Public Security Bureau integrated the strengths of various police forces and teamed up to successfully crack a network fraud case with virtual digital currency as the cover, involving more than 300 million yuan. At present, 21 suspects involved in the case have been subjected to criminal detention measures, and 15 people have been admitted, 9 of whom were arrested by the procuratorate.

In late December 2018, several victims went to the Zhuhui Public Security Bureau to report that they were defrauded by a blockchain virtual digital currency project called "Hero Chain" (HEC). The amount of fraud was from several hundred thousand yuan to several million yuan. Not waiting.

After receiving the report, the deputy mayor and the director of the Public Security Bureau, He Yuzhu, attached great importance and immediately instructed the establishment of a task force to conduct an investigation. The task force is led by Xie Xiang, director of the bureau and political office, and the project is sponsored by the Peace Police Station. The four teams of criminal investigation, network security, economic investigation and legal system support and dispatch from the four police stations in front of the station, Guangdong, Miao and Yuehan. The elite police force enriches the power of the task force.

On December 29, 2018, the Zhuhui Public Security Bureau formally investigated the case. Since the investigation of the case, the police of the task force have not been afraid of hardships. They have rushed to Beijing, Xinjiang Urumqi, Shaanxi Xi'an, Hubei Wuhan, Henan Zhengzhou and other places to arrest. A total of 15 suspects were arrested, 2 computers involved in the case, and 16 mobile phones were seized. The seizure and freezing of the funds involved in the case was more than 20 million yuan. According to preliminary investigations, the number of victims of the "Hero Chain" (HEC) blockchain virtual digital currency network fraud case reached hundreds of people, involving more than 300 million yuan in funds and illegally making profits of over 100 million yuan.

It was found that the suspect Bai Yihui registered a company outside the mainland and the mainland, and the actual office of the company was in Beijing. Chairman of the company, Chen Moili, and project manager Gao Mou developed a blockchain virtual digital currency project with the gaming industry as the leader. The virtual digital currency hero coin HEC was issued to lure a large number of digital currency holders to “invest”. In just two months, the project has raised nearly 40,000 Ethereum (internationally recognized digital currency, which can be exchanged for about 300 million yuan at the prevailing market price), and most of the Ethereum to be recruited will be Dividends were distributed to team members and delegates at all levels.

On January 15, 2018, the token HEC issued by the hero chain project party was launched on an online trading platform, and the online line was broken and turned into air currency. Immediately after the hero chain project, the official website was shut down, the official WeChat group was dissolved, and the project leader disappeared. Investors found that they were reported after being defrauded.

At present, 15 people, including Bai Mohui, have been detained in criminal detention, 9 of whom have been arrested and 6 have been arrested. The case is being further fully processed.

(Source: Zhuhui Branch of Hengyang Municipal Public Security Bureau)