Korean media: South Korean crypto exchange Upbit transfers a large amount of cryptocurrency to unknown wallets or is hacked

According to the Korea Electronics News, the Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit stopped trading due to a withdrawal of about 60 billion won worth of cryptocurrencies. Upbit released a notice of "Temporary suspension of cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals due to server check" at around 12.30pm today. At 12: 6 this afternoon, 342,000 ETH was transferred from the Upbit wallet to an unknown wallet address, and cryptocurrencies such as TRX, BTT, and XLM were transferred from the Upbit wallet to other wallet addresses. Upbit then issued a server inspection announcement. According to relevant persons in the industry, it has not been determined whether the exchange has been hacked or the exchange has transferred the cryptocurrency to a cold wallet. Generally speaking, users will be notified in advance when the exchange transfers large amounts of cryptocurrency assets. Was hacked. Currently, regulators such as the Korea Internet Agency (KISA) are investigating whether Upbit has been hacked.