Report: Stablecoin can mitigate risk of dollar hegemony

According to Cointelegraph, according to a review article published by the World Economic Forum (WEF), stablecoins have the potential to mitigate the systemic threat of the US dollar dominating global foreign exchange reserves. The argument was made by John Liu of the Fusion Foundation and Peter Lyons of Lapa Capital in an article published on the WEF agenda on November 26. A key focus of Liu and Lyons' article is that in order to realize the promise of diversifying global liquidity sources and helping to balance trade flows, stable development must put blockchain interoperability at the top of the agenda. They point out that if this is not possible, a single stable asset—whether privately issued or issued by the central bank—may itself become the dominant system and simply use digital simulation to replicate the legal hegemony of the dollar .