Bank of Jiangsu explores building blockchain financial ecosystem

According to reports from the financial community, Bank of Jiangsu's blockchain construction has achieved remarkable results. In September 2017, Bank of Jiangsu joined the China Internet Finance Association's Blockchain Working Group as the only city commercial bank. In July 2018, Jiangsu Bank's cross-bank discounted and innovative business won the Financial Technology Innovation Alliance of the Financial Working Committee of the Internet Society of China (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology). "Excellent Cases of Financial Blockchain Application Innovation"; In December of the same year, Jiangsu Bank's online "Internet of Things + Blockchain" movable property pledge business won the second prize of the People's Bank of China Technology Development Award; in October 2019, as the only city Commercial banks, Jiangsu Bank's "Su Yin Chain" cross-bank discount business blockchain trading platform and IoT smart post-loan monitoring and early warning platform were shortlisted by the Central Network Information Office for the record.