Upbit: Only one large ETH transfer is an abnormal transaction, which will be supplemented from standby assets, and the rest is wallet consolidation

The official announcement from Upbit states that at 1:06 pm on November 27, 2019, the upbit Ethereum hot wallet transferred 342,000 ETH (about 58 billion won) to an unknown wallet. The unknown wallet address is 0xa09871aeadf4994ca12f5c0b6056bbd1d343c029. When I discovered this, I started to act. In order to protect your assets, Upbit has made the following correspondence. 1. To secure your assets, the 342,000 ETH transferred to an unknown wallet are expected to be supplemented with backup assets. Relevant work is currently underway and will be notified when it is completed. 2. All hot wallet cryptocurrencies have been transferred to cold wallets. 3. It is estimated that it will take at least 2 weeks until the withdrawal is resumed. You will be notified again when it is done. Only this transaction was an abnormal transaction, and the rest of the large-scale transaction was the transfer of all crypto assets to a cold wallet.