DAppTotal: Yesterday's EOS mainnet CPU congestion index was 100%, and the actual consumption of EIDOS accounted for 73.44%

According to DAppTotal.com data, yesterday (November 26), the total CPU consumption of the entire network was 11,727,902 ms, and the EOS main network congestion index was 100%. DAppTotal has included 635 EOS DApps, and the top 5 DApps are : EIDOS (73.44%), BigGame (1.89%), WhaleEx (0.61%), MYKEY (0.56%), EOSDynasty (0.55%). Among them, EIDOS consumed 73.44% of the CPU resources of the entire network. The total number of transactions yesterday was 35.45 million, a 6.81% decrease from the previous day. (Note: The data is yesterday's average, and the picture shows the current CPU dynamic congestion by hour)