CMC Chief Strategy Officer: Prior to Bitwise's false trading volume report, CMC had identified problems and settled

In a recent interview, CMC Chief Strategy Officer Carylyne Chan was asked "how to deal with fraud reports" in a recent interview, responding that CMC did its best not to review any information and added that every request was actually received The team's verification, "Scams are difficult because we are not trying to please any project or exchange, but we know that we absolutely should investigate or issue an alert if necessary. The team has actually spoken to local police and authorities To help verify some of the information submitted. "Chan also talked about a report released by Bitwise in April, which stated that 95% of Bitcoin transaction volume was false, and real transactions were concentrated on 10 exchanges. She said that CMC was aware of the problem of inflated transaction volume at that time and was working on a solution even before the report was published.