Bancor will launch airdrop on New Year's Eve, saying the move will increase the number of DeFi users by 500%

On November 27, Bancor, a decentralized liquidity network, announced that it will airdrop its ETHBNT liquidity pool tokens to 60,000 people on New Year's Eve. The liquidity pool allows members to add liquidity to DEX and get a portion of the exchange's transaction fees in return. Users can either hold the token and start collecting fees from ETH-based transactions on Bancor, or they can use it to exchange any other tokens on Bancor, including ETH, EOS, and Dai. Bancor said that increasing the liquidity of DEXs is critical to ensuring they can compete with centralized exchanges. A Bancor spokesperson said that the purpose of the airdrop was to improve the liquidity of DEX and expand the application of DeFi. They claim that the airdrop will increase the number of users of DeFi applications by 500%.