Gu Yanxi: Oppose dogmatism in the application of blockchain, and should develop more practical solutions under its technical guidance

On November 27, Gu Yanxi, the dean of the CBX Research Institute, published an article today stating that blockchain dogmatists believe that the automatic operation of the blockchain, the free joining and leaving of nodes, bookkeeping across the entire network, and the freedom of anonymous users Features such as joining and leaving are real blockchain features and must therefore be maintained. Under the guidance of this thinking, the developed public chain has limited uses. In addition, due to limited applications and promotion, so far, the development of public chains has not launched applications that can solve a large number of practical problems, but is a type of gaming. The entertainment application adds a new application platform. Blockchain dogmatists just insist on some of the functions and features of Bitcoin's blockchain technology, but have misunderstood the original intention of Satoshi Nakamoto's invention of Bitcoin technology. A completely pure blockchain technology (public chain) cannot really solve many problems in the current society. Later developers should not stick to some characteristics of the blockchain technology, but should develop more practical solutions under the guidance of the blockchain technology.