Bitcoin broke through $5,500 because the largest brokerage in the US is testing BTC transactions?

At noon today, Bitcoin quickly pulled up and the price broke through $5,500. As of press time, the price remains above $5,500.

This is reminiscent of a news that is on the Twitter. In the early hours of this morning, netizen Cryptopolis revealed that it bought a bitcoin on the NASDAQ platform through its own TDAmeritrade (the largest US securities firm) account.


Explosive news: Bitcoin can already be traded on Nasdaq! I bought 1 bitcoin with my TDAmeritrade account! From this table it can be seen that this type of transaction started on April 10, 2019! ! I believe other digital assets will follow! !


(The bitcoin transaction interface intercepted by the netizen, image source: Twitter )

This message then caused the cryptocurrency community to fry the pot. In order to further verify that the news is true, Cryptopolis contacted TD Ameritrade's customer service. The other party told him that the deal was not true. When asked if it was a test transaction, the other party did not deny or admit it, and said "this is just speculation."


Update: TD Ameritrade customer service said – this is not a real deal in my account – it seems that they are testing with their own analog trading platform. The customer service said 'I can't explain this' – they don't know what CXERX is (the transactions in the above picture are via CXERX). It’s weird… but something is definitely happening!

In fact, it is not impossible for TD Ameritrade to test bitcoin transactions. First, some netizens revealed that the company has begun to use Overstock's tZERO blockchain platform for trading.

Second, institutional investors are increasingly interested in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. This is why Fidelity, a well-known wealth management company in the US, opened its digital asset trading and custody department.

It is believed that in the future, cryptocurrency investment and custody services will become a major highlight for large financial companies to attract institutional investors.

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