Liberation Army Daily: Blockchain has broad application prospects in military fields such as weapon life tracking

On November 28, Lian Yan and Zhu Qichao of the National Defense Science and Technology Strategic Research Think Tank of the National University of Defense Technology jointly published a newspaper article "Decoding the Military Application of Blockchain Technology". The article states that the blockchain also has broad application prospects in military fields such as weapon life tracking, military human resource management, military material procurement, and military logistics. When paying attention to blockchain technology and its applications, we should also fully evaluate the threats and impacts that this technology may be maliciously used by criminals or organizations on national security. For example, the abuse of digital currencies disrupts the financial order, the difficulty of tracking illegal and criminal activities, and the difficulty in preventing and controlling ideological penetration. The technological innovation of the blockchain brings the qualitative change of information from free transmission to free notarization, which is likely to become a disruptive technology for future network basic protocols and credit paradigms, creating new application values ​​in the information age. On the one hand, we must pay attention to the military application prospects of blockchain technology and promote the improvement of the military's combat effectiveness with technological innovation; on the other hand, we must also pay close attention to the negative impact that this technology may have on national security and strengthen risk prevention.