Gao Bin of China Communications Industry Association: 2019 is the year of opportunity for blockchain development

According to Qingdao Daily, recently, at the 5G Cloudization New Generation Information Technology Industry Theme Forum, Gao Bin, executive deputy director of the Blockchain Professional Committee of the China Communications Industry Association, said that 2019 is the year of opportunity for blockchain development. With the efficient linkage between the blockchain and the upstream and downstream industries, a chained relationship will be formed between industries. Blockchain is the technology of production relations, and the realization of blockchainization in the industry is the way out. Blockchain must not only empower the real economy, but also the digital economy. He also pointed out that the chain reform is the blockchain reform, and the chain reform is the hope for the industrialization of the blockchain. The chain reform is based on the value chain, using blockchain technology and ideas, mixing artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, digital economy and other new technologies and ideas to empower the real economy, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and accelerate industrial development. There are 60 million small and medium-sized enterprises and 900 million mobile terminal users in the country. Blockchain means the reconstruction of business models. This is a blue ocean. The blockchain industry that empowers the real economy has a future, and it is necessary to enjoy the dividends of blockchain industrialization through sharing.