Weizhong Bank Bao Dawei: Weizhong Bank has been widely used in the "blockchain livestock sector"

According to Qingdao Daily, recently, at the 5G Cloudization New Generation Information Technology Industry Theme Forum, Bao Dawei, head of Weizhong Bank ’s blockchain strategy, stated that Weizhong Bank has established cooperation with the media on the construction of blockchain copyright platforms. Blockchain technology builds a news copyright alliance chain and realizes the onlineization and automation of the entire process of digital rights confirmation, monitoring, infringement evidence collection, and litigation. He also pointed out that the blockchain application of Weizhong Bank is also widely used in the animal husbandry field. Livestock data is collected in a timely manner through intelligent IoT terminal equipment and uploaded to the blockchain traceability platform to complete certificate storage, combined with big data analysis, and support. Traceability of smart breeding and livestock insurance business.