US media calls for attention to Chinese blockchain ambitions: they will become technology leaders

According to the reference news network, the US "Forbes" biweekly website reported on November 25 that China's recently announced blockchain policy is important for four reasons:

1. Establish blockchain standards. China has announced that blockchain technology is a national development priority, allowing local governments to implement their own blockchain policies and implement blockchain standards.

2. Get huge trade opportunities. China is looking for new export locations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, mainly around the "Silk Road Economic Belt". Having advanced blockchain technology will give China huge trading opportunities when dealing with emerging technology markets.

3. Digital RMB can become a global currency. China is fully investing in the field of digital assets. As part of this, they are developing digital currency electronic payment platforms.

4. May create digital currency to become Libra's opponent. It is reported that the Libra Coin Association was established in Switzerland. The association needs to meet the requirements of the regulators of all relevant countries, and this may pose a threat to it. In contrast, the digital RMB plan has a clear direction, which is to implement it as a top-down approved policy.