Zhanke Tuan and Wu Jihan both withdrew from Bitmain's "predecessor", Zhanke Tuan resigned from a number of company positions

According to the financial news on the financial network chain, the change in industry and commerce shows that Zhan Ketuan stepped down as the legal representative and executive director of Tianjin Diwei Digital Vision Technology Co., Ltd., which he founded earlier, and Wu Jihan resigned from the company's "supervisor" position. According to previous news, Di Weishu was regarded as the founder of Zhanke Group, which was established in May 2014. The main direction is digital set-top box chips. It is the company where Zhanke Group and Wu Jihan cooperated in the early stage. Earlier, an early Bitmain employee stated that when he joined Bitmain around 2015, the company's official name was "Di Weishui." At present, the company is 100% owned by Beijing Bitmain Technology Co., Ltd., with Xu Weiliang as the manager and executive director, and Li Yichi as the supervisor. In addition, according to recent news, Zhan Ketuan also stepped down as the legal representative of Shanghai Branch of Sci-Feng Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and the manager of Sci-Feng Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.