“ Netnet 2019 '' Shandong police destroys drug trafficking gang using bitcoin trading network

According to the Lanzhou Cyber ​​Police patrol law enforcement news, recently, the Shandong Dongying Kenli Police, after two years, cracked a mega drug trafficking case and destroyed a drug gang. According to the investigators, after the suspect purchased Bitcoin through a foreign Bitcoin platform, he sent the Bitcoin code to the on-line. After the on-line confirmed the receipt, he would proceed to the next shipment. A drug transaction covers the whole country during the circulation of Bitcoin. With the arrest of Zhao, the police arrested 33 criminal suspects of this gang from November 2018 to November 2019. A total of more than 10 kilograms of marijuana were seized, 4 planting dens were destroyed, and 50,000 yuan in drug funds were recovered. One smoking tool. At present, Zhao and other 34 people have been taken criminal coercive measures for suspected drug trafficking.