Bank of China: Blockchain technology opens up new credit mechanism for future financial industry

According to the official website of the Bank of China, on November 28, the Bank of China Research Institute released the "2020 Economic and Financial Outlook Report" in Beijing. The report pointed out that in the past ten years, the global banking industry has generally been in a development environment with low economic growth, low inflation, low interest rates, high financial constraints, high risks, and high costs, which has led to the continuous impact of the development of the banking industry and the rate of return. Decline, market valuations are sluggish. Looking forward to the future, the development environment of the banking industry is still complex. Facing the new developments, the banking industry needs to build a high-quality development evaluation framework, promote organizational change and strategic transformation, and seek breakthroughs in development. Blockchain technology has made it possible for the financial industry to build a new credit mechanism. Banks should adopt corresponding development strategies to expand the application scenarios of blockchain technology. In addition, after nearly 20 years of rapid development, China's banking industry has achieved great results and accumulated a lot of risks. The importance of strengthening the management of non-performing assets in the future will become more prominent.