Does the currencyless blockchain have a wealth password?

One month and three days ago, the discourse of "taking blockchain as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technology" boiled the currency circle; half a month later, the qualitative "stood by the use of blockchain to hype the virtual currency's distorted wind" qualitatively gave currency prices "Flying down three thousand feet."

Blockchain is a revolution, but I didn't expect that the first thing to change was coin life.

At present, the number of Bitcoin users is about 11 million, and most of the people who come into the currency circle have come in for the wealth effect of Bitcoin's skyrocketing in recent years- whether a technology is a revolution or not, as long as we don't make money from it When it comes to money, we will not be too interested.

However, under the current situation and policies, the meaning of "coin speculation" is becoming smaller. From another perspective, in fact, "coin speculation" itself cannot be separated from speculation. Without a bubble, there is no new high.

The first and most successful application in the blockchain world is bitcoin, but the biggest feature of bitcoin is its K-line chart, which has risen wildly in 11 years, and its actual application scenario is far from enough.

From Alipay, WeChat, Facebook, Didi Travel to Douyin, the number of users of each popular application is hundreds of millions, and the blockchain world is still like the self-entertainment of speculators, everything is still a piece of cake Unknown- this is why we are still looking forward to the basis of 100 times coins.

But must the blockchain issue coins?

Blockchain solution is a trust problem, and even if no coin is issued, the trust problem can be solved. And its application scenarios and efficiency may be much scarier than we think. In China, a new era is starting.

Whether you like it or not, believe it or not, a large-scale non-currency blockchain scene is being rolled out . Instead of getting angry, try to see if there is a new wealth password in it:

From the media, we can already see a lot of affiliate chains, Ant Financial's "Double Link", Baidu's "Baidu Totem", Tencent's "Electronic Invoice", Facebook's Libra and various central bank figures Currency (CBDC) is no longer a public chain similar to Ethereum or EOS, but a top-down alliance chain composed of government or corporate giants-this is the same as bottom-up and password-driven There are obvious differences between traditional blockchains.

However, I have to admit that this is also a blockchain, and it is also decentralized to a certain extent. They will have many shortcomings, but their advantages will also be obvious: large support, fast running speed, large landing range, etc.

Today, with the strong attention and loss at the national level, this type of chain will receive more attention than before, and traffic support and financial support will follow. What will happen when there are policies, money, and landing? Fruit?

National Distinguished Professor Cai Weide, Honorary Dean of CCID Blockchain Research Institute, said: "I understand that there are already 100 billion funds ready to invest in the blockchain industry, and 18 provinces have decided to invest heavily in blockchain."

With so many funds entering the market, it seems that behind the booming development, there are not necessarily many opportunities for ordinary people to participate. As soon as the alliance chain comes out, it is the game of giants, but no matter what the chain is, ultimately it needs human participation, so what we have to do is to continue to observe, as long as we find opportunities to participate, whether big or small, good or bad, Go ahead and talk.

No one can predict that a currencyless blockchain will not work …

However, at present, the opportunity for the alliance chain to participate is still difficult to find. Only virtual currencies are available for everyone to participate in.

Chen Weixing posted a Weibo, which was slightly radical, but it was very impressive. I especially like:


In his words, he actually replaced the three words of the blockchain with bitcoin, because only bitcoin was created to create inequality. The blockchain itself can indeed solve "source tracing, anti-counterfeiting, backup, and certificate" to a certain extent. These things, but these things are not a problem without the blockchain, so it is right to say trivial.

Therefore, Bitcoin is indeed a super great invention. What has changed is the lowest level of production relations, which impacts the fiat currency, banking and financial industries. Fortunately, it is still very early, the number of poor users and the extremely low price. It is still too early to talk about the bitcoin bubble. Wait for at least 500,000.

Looking back at every round of bubbles, such as the railroad bubble and the Internet bubble, each time experienced huge ecstasy and great despair, and finally grew hope in despair. When the train first appeared, many people thought it was stupid and cumbersome, but 100 years later, everything changed dramatically. When the Internet appeared, most people did n’t know what it meant. Even 20 years ago, almost No one can imagine or accept the existence of online shopping, mobile phone taxi, takeaway, etc.-now, these have become a part of life, without any conflict.

Bitcoin must also be revived through painful struggles and even death. It has been until most people recognize Bitcoin and accept it. At that time, Bitcoin will become the hardest and most stable global currency. .

Fortunately, it's still early. We still have a lot of time to grasp Bitcoin. It just takes a little more patience and a few more rounds of bulls and bears. Keep this in mind, and you can throw away a large part of it in the next bull market. , Profitable.