Taiyuan Anti-Fraud Center issued an urgent reminder: "Blockchain fraud" has appeared in our city

On November 27, the Taiyuan Anti-Fraud Center issued an urgent reminder. Recently, the Taiyuan police found in their work that "blockchain fraud" has occurred, and some people have been deceived and their property has suffered considerable losses. The criminals disguised as blockchain investment experts and entrusted themselves with the "digital currency", "blockchain", and "financial innovation" projects to promote the illegal financial assets such as virtual currencies and virtual assets, inciting investors to seize opportunities and participate in virtual Currency transactions. In addition, the People's Bank of China and financial regulators remind the general public that blockchain is not equal to virtual currency, and we must be alert to the speculation of illegal virtual currency. The four major routines of virtual currency are: 1. Declaring technologies such as "blockchain", "decentralization", and "open source code" as the technical structure of their own virtual currency; 2. Making up stories and design patterns that attract investors' attention; 3 Stakeholder fraud is obvious, and it has multiple characteristics of crimes and crimes; 4. The trading platform server is placed overseas, fraud is done in China, and money is counted overseas to prepare for running ahead of time. In addition, Taiyuan Public Security Bureau reposted the article.