Poca is about to release 0.7.0, Kusama will be upgraded to CC-3

According to Medium @ Gavin Wood, the cross-chain project Polkadot announced that the Poca experimental network Kusama will soon be upgraded from the second candidate CC-2 to the third candidate CC-3. After CC-3 is ready to launch, Polkadot will release version 0.7.0, after which everyone can connect to CC-3, and the Kusama CC-2 chain will be terminated. In order to reduce interference, most of the status and transaction records of CC-2 will be migrated to CC-3. The Kusama network will be reduced from the current number of 150 validators to a more reasonable number, because not all nodes will be upgraded to the latest network on time. After CC-2 ceases, Boca will migrate everyone ’s transaction records on CC-2 to the new CC-3, and plans to transition from PoA to NPoS network within this Thursday. Kusama CC-3 will be a blockchain platform that can be completely decentralized from the beginning. The transfer function will be opened after the community vote.