Record of bandits in the currency circle in 2019: more than 500 people arrested, the amount involved is over 20 billion yuan

According to DeepFlow, incomplete statistics, since 2019, at least more than 500 people have been arrested by public security organs for suspected virtual currency fraud, and the amount involved has exceeded 22.6 billion yuan. Virtual currency fraud cases can be broadly divided into two categories. One is to use the blockchain and virtual currency gimmicks to actually scam, such as PlusToken, and the other is to include digital currency and blockchain technology, such as the BISS exchange, which is the disk (funds disk) ) Circle and currency circle. Zhang Liang, a practitioner of the currency industry, said that most of the arrested people could not be regarded as real "currency people". They were scammers from the beginning. Virtual currency was only a tool for their fraud. For example, telephone is a tool for telephone fraud. There are basically no such people in the circle, and their coins are not listed on mainstream exchanges, so we should distinguish the two. Most of the cases arrested and tried this year are in circles. It did not arouse industry concern. "The arrest of these MLM frauds is a good thing for the industry." Zhang Liang said. After entering 2019, the currency circle and the circle are gradually converging. For example, ZG Exchange and CC Network Red Chain. But at present, both the currency circle and the circle are shrouded in the haze of "encirclement and suppression".