Data show: 3 new Dapps today

According to DappReview data, there are 3 new Dapps today. There are 16,816 active users of EOS Dapp, with a transaction value of 73.35 million yuan (-7%); 34,901 active users of Tron Dapp, a transaction value of 19.87 million yuan (-13%); 14,495 active users of ETH Dapp, a transaction value of 38.46 million yuan (+ 66%). Dapp transaction volume in the past 24 hours: The highest EOS is "whale exchange" (transaction value 45.68 million yuan); the highest Tron is "WINk" (transaction value 9.05 million yuan); the highest ETH is "dYdX" (transaction value 1517 Ten thousand yuan).