Exclusive 丨 Informed Person: The on-site inspection of the Japan Financial Services Agency is a routine inspection of a licensed exchange, not a surprise inspection, and the inspection is nearing completion.

According to an interview with Babbitt, the person from the Japan Financial Services Agency said: "The Japanese Finance Agency will conduct routine inspections of all licensed exchanges every one to two years. There are about 700 inspection items. This round of inspection is nearing completion. At present, the inspection of 17 exchanges has been completed. Generally speaking, when the exchange obtains the license, it will be notified that it will be inspected at a certain point in time, so it may not be a surprise inspection, but the Japanese Financial Agency requires that During the inspection period, the exchange shall not disclose and publicize the details of the investigation.” Note: According to Reuters, the Japan Financial Services Agency recently conducted on-site inspections of Huobi Japan (currently Bitrade) and FISCO.