Inside EOS nodes: It is suspected that 7 EOS nodes are the same Chinese node main body, and a proposal has been proposed to revoke their node qualifications.

EOS node New York found 7 EOS nodes suspected to be the same Chinese node subject. He tweeted: stargalaxybp, validatoreos, eoszeusiobp1, eosunioniobp, eosathenabp1, and eosrainbowbp. The 6 nodes are suspected to be the same account (mail (Both were registered together in the same time period, and the control of these 6 nodes is suspected to be EOShenzhen, which currently ranks 52nd. In addition, EOS New York has initiated a proposal to revoke the above 6 node qualifications. According to requirements, more than 15 block-producing nodes need to agree to the proposal to take effect, and no block-producing nodes have yet to vote. More details: