Zhong Lun Law Firm Yu Luping: For the exchange, the risks it faces mainly come from unclear legal responsibilities

Babbitt reported on the spot that on November 28th, at the seminar on legal affairs of "Blockchain Compliance: Opportunities and Challenges" hosted by Zhonglun Law Firm and LexisNexis, a partner of Zhonglun Law Firm and Central University of Finance and Economics When talking about the legal risks faced by the relevant parties of the blockchain network, Yu Luping, a postdoc, said:
For ordinary holders, the legal risks they face mainly come from the possibility of not being able to obtain judicial remedies after theft or refusal. On the one hand, there is still a big dispute over whether the virtual currency has the property of a judiciary—whether the loser has passed the justice The way to get relief, there is still a large uncertainty; on the other hand, the anonymity of digital asset transactions-continuous splitting, multiple transfers and other methods to transfer digital assets, causing tracking difficulties.
For exchanges, the risks they face are mainly due to unclear legal responsibilities. On the one hand, what kind of legal relationship is there between users and exchanges? If the exchanges “appropriate” are difficult to cause problems related to embezzlement, there is uncertainty. On the other hand, if there is a run on the user, or if it is hacked, or even stolen by an insider—the exchange is insolvent and will face bankruptcy risk.