Tianfeng Securities Wenhao: New blockchain technology will bring changes to the gaming industry

"Technology Board Daily" on the 28th. At the strategic conference held by Caesars Culture in Shenzhen today, Wen Hao, deputy director of the Tianfeng Securities Research Institute and chief analyst of the media Internet industry, pointed out that the growth rate of the mobile game market in 2019 is picking up. The scale of the mobile game industry in the first three quarters was 117.89 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.8%. The revenue growth rate of the A-share game sector has also improved significantly. Several points worth paying attention to in the future of the game industry are: first, the competition for existing users and The competition for new works; the second is that the overseas market has become a new battleground; the third is how Tencent can work with small partners to enhance LTV (Lifetime Value); the fourth is the changes brought about by new technologies such as 5G, cloud, VRAR, and blockchain.