Wenzhou Political Consultative Conference held a lecture forum focusing on blockchain technology

On November 28th, the "Wenzhou Political Consultative Conference Forum" organized by Wenzhou CPPCC held its fifth lecture, focusing on blockchain technology. CPPCC Chairman Chen Zuorong attended the forum. Xing Chunxiao, deputy dean of the Institute of Information Technology of Tsinghua University and deputy director of the Blockchain Professional Committee of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, gave a special lecture on "Blockchain technology empowers digital economy research and development and application". In the lecture, Xing Chunxiao focused on the latest progress of blockchain, key technologies, and the enabling of digital economy and the research and development of smart society, and explained the basic concepts, value manifestations, main policies, industry status, The overall situation of the industry and the training of talents will enable participants to understand and master the development and application of digital economy enabled by blockchain technology.