Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin's future will be in Africa

November 28 news, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square, one of the most influential supporters of Bitcoin, said today that "Africa will decide The future, especially the future of Bitcoin! "

It is reported that the technology tycoon traveled to Nigeria and Ghana earlier this month, and he also mentioned that he would return to Africa in 2020 and live for 3-6 months.


"Africa will determine the future (especially the future of Bitcoin!). It's not sure where it will be, but I will live here for 3-6 months in mid-2020."

During his stay in Nigeria and Ghana, he also held mini Bitcoin gatherings with some local developers and startup founders to promote the adoption of Bitcoin in these areas.

In fact, before Dorsey traveled to Nigeria to popularize Bitcoin, the region's search volume for Bitcoin has long been the first in Google Trends data.


(Data from google trends)

The other two countries in Africa, South Africa and Ghana, are also among the top 5 in the trend data list.

Many people believe that the price of Bitcoin is so high and the transaction costs are so expensive that it is not suitable for users in economically backward areas.

But Dorsey didn't think so. He had previously promised to integrate Bitcoin into Twitter and Square, and publicly supported Lightning Network as a payment solution, which allowed Bitcoin users to send it immediately and for free. funds.

In addition, Square Crypto, which was created by Dorsey, hired a number of Bitcoin technology big coffees, including Matt Corallo, Blockstream co-founder and Bitcoin core developer.


(Picture: Jack Dorsey and members of his Square Crypto team)

Looking at this situation, is Jack Dorsey planning to fight in Africa? What do you think.