Former Director of the Central Bank: Digital currency issuance must be proactive and highly cautious. May wish to think harder

According to the Beijing News, regarding the development of digital currencies, Chen Jing, the former director of the Science and Technology Department of the People's Bank of China and a member of the National Advisory Committee on Information Technology, suggested that China's launch of digital currency DC / EP should consider market demand, legal compliance and technology Realize three major issues. In the era of the digital economy, China's digital currency issuance must be active, and at the same time, it must be highly cautious and down-to-earth exploration. May wish to think harder and more questions, and effectively prevent possible risks. In addition, with regard to the use of blockchains, it is pointed out that further analysis of the application scenarios of blockchains will help us understand the important applications of blockchains, and draw a line with related exaggerated, unrealistic and even fraudulent things. In order to guide the blockchain technology to better promote the development of the financial industry, there are three tasks that need to be done now: 1. Further emancipate the mind and find out the suitable application scenarios of the blockchain; 2. Further solve the related standardization issues, directly involving the alliance Chain etc. Third, we must further solve the problem of information security in the use of blockchain. There is a risk that the distributed ledger information security and privacy are affected, and the financial industry is very sensitive to this.