CCTV 13: Investors should not mix blockchain technology with virtual currencies

Today, the CCTV 13 "Live News Room" column quoted the People ’s Bank of China ’s announcement that the central bank has not issued legal digital currency. At present, the so-called legal digital currency issuance on the Internet, and individual institutions have used the name of the People ’s Bank to launch “DC / EP” or “DCEP.” "Trading on an asset trading platform may involve fraud and MLM. At the same time, CCTV News reported that the virtual currency hype was on the rise, and the People ’s Bank of China ’s Shanghai Headquarters cooperated with the relevant departments at the two levels in Shanghai to carry out special rectifications to rectify and withdraw from problem companies that provided services such as publicity and drainage for overseas virtual currency trading platforms. CCTV News pointed out that investors should not mix blockchain technology with virtual currencies. There are multiple risks in the financing and trading of virtual currency issuance.