Former Deputy Minister of Transport Xu Zuyuan: To apply blockchain to the shipping transaction platform system and build a new identity management system

According to surging news, on November 28th, Xu Zuyuan, the maritime ambassador of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the former vice minister of the Ministry of Transport, delivered a speech at the 2019 Shanghai Shipping Exchange Forum. First, security. Because of the two characteristics of blockchain and the advantages of industrial applications, in the past three years, more and more projects have applied blockchain technology, and everyone has actively initiated projects. The performance of container companies is particularly outstanding. Talking about the risks of the shipping industry in the digitalization process, Xu Zuyuan said that the risks of network attacks, information security, system failures, operational errors, and data monopolies are rising at a high frequency. For risk prevention, he pointed out that it is necessary to apply blockchain technology to build a new identity management system in the shipping trading platform system, making it difficult to hide tampering. The distributed storage architecture of the blockchain can also make the shipping company's network system, scheduling system, and settlement system more clean and transparent, making hackers confused. Blockchain technology is a connection between data storage and blockchain. If data is tampered somewhere, the tampering place and source can also be found.