Foreign media: As the Fed expands its balance sheet, monetary policy differences between Bitcoin and the Fed will further widen

CoinDesk published an analysis article today analyzing what the Fed's expanded balance sheet means to Bitcoin. The article mentioned that in October, the Fed's assets increased by 162 billion US dollars, the largest monthly increase since 2008. Cryptocurrency analyst Rhythm tweeted this month that Bitcoin should be a safe haven at this time. The popular saying in the crypto market is that Bitcoin is actually digital gold, a hedge of currency and fiscal behavior. Morgan Creek founder Anthony Pompliano said that Bitcoin is heading for a unique situation-lower interest rates, more quantitative easing, and halving by 2020. These three events will happen almost simultaneously and should be in the future Become Bitcoin's rocket fuel in 2-3 years. JPMorgan Chase said that the Federal Reserve may continue to expand its balance sheet in the near future, and as Bitcoin will cut miners' pay in May next year, the monetary policy differences between Bitcoin and the Federal Reserve will further expand.