The People's Bank of China Shenyang Branch and Taiyuan Central Sub-branch conduct special learning on blockchain technology

In order to learn and implement the important directive spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the application of blockchain technology, and to implement the working requirements of the president's office meeting, on November 19, the Technology Division of the Shenyang Branch invited blockchain experts to focus on the core technology and security of the blockchain. Protection and application scenarios, the province's special training is carried out through on-site plus video conferencing. More than 470 people from branch institutions and 13 prefectures and cities, and more than 90 banking financial institutions participated in the training. Recently, the Taiyuan Center Sub-branch held the 2019 Theoretical Learning Center Group (Expanded) Study Training Session. The lecture invited Professor He Debiao, a doctoral supervisor of Wuhan University and an executive member of the Blockchain Special Committee of the Chinese Computer Society, to explain the basic concepts of the blockchain, core technology, industrial status and application development. The in-depth interpretation of the integrated application of blockchain technology for China's technological innovation and industrial transformation, as well as the important role of independent innovation of core technologies.