Ripple Senior Vice President: Half of Ripple customers are banks and half are fintech payment providers

Ripple senior vice president Marcus Treacher said in an interview that Ripple is doing a lot of work to simplify and improve how it attracts customers. Currently, half of its customers are banks and the other half are fintech payment providers. 25% of the banks are really big banks such as Bank of Tokyo, Mitsubishi Bank, Santander and Standard Chartered. Banks and payment companies are most receptive to remittances. Ripple's Interledger protocol enables payments to be transferred automatically and immediately, allowing banks to make payments to each other in microseconds in up to 45 countries today and globally in the future. He called it an "absolutely great game changer," but claimed Ripple's third "killer app" had more influence. He explained that $ 10 to 20 trillion of funds in global banks were locked, which is a huge burden and a drag on the economy. Ripple's on-demand liquidity (ODL) solution addresses this issue by providing liquidity to countries, accounts, and payments. In the future, this will allow customers to hold domestic currencies with much less risk, while still providing liquidity. "This allows our banks to manage their liquidity more effectively than ever."