Everyone commentator: Increase the "blockchain" disorder monitoring, technology must not be absent

On November 28, each commentator Liu Yongsheng posted a post entitled "Increase Supervision of" Blockchain "Chaos, Technology Means Cannot Be Absent". According to the article, in addition to traditional supervision methods, relevant departments must also do key supervision and joint supervision, and rely on scientific and technological means. The first is key supervision. Strengthening the supervision of virtual currency exchanges in China should focus on strengthening the supervision of large-scale virtual currency exchanges that claim to be registered overseas, but actually conduct a large amount of business in China. The second is technology supervision. Relevant departments should strengthen joint supervision and attach importance to the application of supervision technology. As a comprehensive innovative technology, if you want to tap the huge potential behind the blockchain to empower the physical industry and serve the needs of society, supervision and laws cannot be absent. In the face of the current chaos of virtual currencies, relevant departments must impose key supervisions and also pay attention to scientific and technological supervision. Only in this way can the network of rule of law be better implemented in the management of the blockchain and the secure and orderly development of the blockchain can be promoted.