Nanjing real estate transaction registration uses blockchain to make electronic invoices valid

In the future, after Nanjing citizens handle real estate transactions and registration, they can check the electronic invoices at any time through the "My Nanjing" APP or the Jiangsu Government Service Network. In the subsequent processing of real estate mortgage, provident fund loans, bank loans and other related services, paper invoices can no longer be provided, and electronic invoices become valid vouchers. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Taxation Bureau said: "Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, people have less and less materials to do business, and the frequency of running through windows is getting lower and lower. Every real estate transaction and registration electronic invoice has been born From that moment on, it was pushed to the e-certificate database that is unifiedly managed by the blockchain technology, so as to achieve the traceability of the entire life cycle of the data. "