Aikang Technology is suspected of hiding profits, and the revenue of the blockchain business is not included in the statement

The reporter recently interviewed Xu Langming, chief information officer of the blockchain business of Aikang Technology (002610.SZ), who showed reporters the company's current blockchain accounting service platform and its management platform on a computer. However, as a business segment where a listed company has officially launched operations, the revenue it generates is not reflected in the company's periodic reports. In the interview with the Securities Daily reporter, Aikang Technology said, "The blockchain bookkeeping service platform was officially launched in May 2018. The above management fee income has not been liquidated and settled with customers for the time being, and is not reflected in the company's financial statements. "." An unnamed certified public accountant said, "From the perspective of accrual system, the company has provided services, but the company has not accounted for receivables. This profit is hidden." Jiang, an upstream financial expert Han explained that "blockchain companies collect bitcoin for charging is a normal phenomenon, but bitcoin is a relatively new form of currency, and there is no perfect system to manage it in the financial and accounting fields. There are hidden profits Possibility, but there is currently no way to put it in clear rules and regulations. "