State Council Development Research Center Li Guangqian: Blockchain will be widely deployed in the real economy in the next three years

Researcher Li Guangqian of the Development Research Center of the State Council said that China has great advantages in developing the blockchain industry. China's blockchain patent applications account for more than 80% of the world's patents, so China has a foundation in the development of blockchain innovation. . And the development direction of domestic blockchain is still mainly to empower the development of the real economy. The advancement of blockchain technology and industry has made people see the future development prospects, and many Internet companies have continuously joined the ranks of blockchain technology applications. Blockchain increasingly enters the strategic decision-making horizon and national development planning. Li Guangqian said that there will be development trends in these areas in the future: Blockchain will become the frontier of global technology development and open up a new international competition track; Blockchain will become a new hotspot for innovation and entrepreneurship, and technology integration will expand new applications; Blockchain will be widely deployed in the real economy in the next three years, and will become an important support for the construction of digital China. Blockchain will create a new platform economy and start a new era of sharing economy. Serving the real economy; the blockchain supervision and standard system will be further improved, and the foundation for industrial development will continue to be consolidated.