Tencent Yujian: "Blouiroet" mining Trojan recovery, control multi-country broiler computer mining

On April 23, Tencent Yuwen issued a document saying that mining horses have become more active recently due to the recovery of various encrypted virtual currency markets. The Tencent Security Vision Threat Intelligence Center monitored the recovery of the "Blouiroet" mining trojan. The Trojan was written in Delphi language. When the Trojan runs, it will first end all other mining trojan processes and monopolize the system resources to run the Monroe mining program. After the recovery of the "Blouiroet" mining trojan, the infrastructures such as IP and domain names were first updated. The Trojan gang also built several mine pools, which is called "there are mines at home." The "Blouiroet" mining trojan-controlled broiler computer is distributed in many countries, and Russia, Ukraine and other places are seriously affected. China has some computer systems.