Huatai Securities: Technologies such as blockchain and digital currencies are worthy of "inflection point" in 2020

According to Sina Finance News, Huatai Securities published an article stating that the computer industry has many sub-sectors, and the industrial development and downstream demand of each sub-sector will be affected by multiple variables, making the computer industry, which was originally a growth type, often show performance. Fluctuations and growth rates show a certain cyclical nature. In the process, there was an inflection point. The reason to look for inflection points is because we find that when there are inflection points of key variables in an industry, the stock price fluctuations in that year tend to be relatively large. We believe that there are two types of inflection points worth paying attention to in 2020. For the new technology field, we pay more attention to the "inflection points" in the transformation of technology into products, such as 5G, autonomous controllability, blockchain and digital currency. The "inflection point" of downstream demand, such as cloud computing, information security, medical informatization, etc.