Shao Bing, head of Tencent Cloud's blockchain business: The driving force behind the landing of the blockchain is the integration with the industry

According to the Shanghai Financial News, a few days ago, Shao Bing, head of the blockchain business of Tencent Cloud, said in an interview with reporters that the driving force of blockchain landing is the integration with the industry. Tencent Cloud combines its business capabilities in the business field, especially in the financial field. And accumulation, to create scenario-based products and solutions, including supply chain financial warehouse receipt pledge solutions, trusted data exchange, and trusted deposit certificates. "The core of the blockchain technology from its origin stage is distributed consensus, and the core behind it is how to allow multiple parties to reach consensus and cooperate with each other." Shao Bing told the Shanghai Financial News reporter, "In many scenarios, the blockchain technology There are business models that pose challenges, which is why blockchain is difficult to land. "Shao Bing said that in the future, blockchain must have distributed commerce or distributed business. Only with multi-party collaborative thinking can truly find multi-party collaboration scenarios. In order to make the blockchain technology landing. For example, supply chain finance is a scenario that requires multi-party collaboration and blockchain technology can be applied to the ground.