Tianjin vaccine traceability supervision platform uses blockchain technology to achieve credible traceability

According to the Science and Technology Daily, on November 28, the “Tianjin Pilot of National Vaccine Traceability Service Platform” was launched and the “Tianjin Vaccine Traceability Monitoring Platform” was launched and the docking ceremony with the collaborative platform was held. Wang Xudong, director of the Tianjin Drug Administration, introduced: "The Tianjin vaccine traceability monitoring platform has three characteristics: first, new, centered on the implementation and construction of the latest vaccine information traceability standards, using the new technology of blockchain to achieve credibility. Retrospective; second, company-led, with drug supervision as the lead, the health and disease control departments cooperated to achieve the full link of production, circulation, and use of data, and also connected with the national platform; third, full, covering production, transportation, storage The whole process of distribution, distribution and vaccination covers production enterprises, distribution companies, disease control agencies, vaccination doctors, and audiences. It can not only serve the public in Tianjin, but also make useful attempts for the construction of a national platform. "