Tencent admission chain tour to taste the blockchain game where is the difficulty?

Tencent’s two-year-old game, “Catch the Demon Together,” was officially launched on April 11th. In just a few hours, it poured into 15 million users, and the ranking quickly climbed to the first place in the Apple App Store (China) free game list. Similar to the Pokeman Go of the previous two years of fire, the introduction of AR technology enhances the player's immersive experience and emotional connection to detonate the game. Another factor contributing to the fire is the "blockchain."  

In fact, Tencent's chain tour is only a sneak peek. Industry experts pointed out to PANews that copying the gameplay of traditional games into a blockchain game cannot be called a blockchain game, and Tencent does not choose the All in blockchain mainly because of the restrictions on digital currency deposits and withdrawals. And the real blockchain game usage threshold is too high.   

Front AR, back blockchain  

The game deliberately emphasized the blockchain attribute when making the announcement, but after the PANews experience, it was strictly speaking that Tencent's game could not be called a blockchain game.  

First of all, not all game characters are on the chain. In addition, the game is not in the public chain, but in Tencent's own alliance chain, compared to the public traceability of all transactions in the public chain, the former can only scroll through the last ten transactions;  

The life and death of the alliance chain is dominated by Tencent and its "allies." If you remember that on September 15, 2018, Tencent stopped the QQ pet operation and how the QQ pet disappeared, it may have a new view on the role of the game chain.  

Let's catch the demon | Source: Tencent

"Tencent's game, the blockchain does not play a major role, more is to act as an add-on or pendant role. " DappReview founder Vincent said in an interview with PANews. Magnachain's CTO Zhang Jinsong expressed similar views. He believes that the blockchain in Tencent's game is more of a meaning of decoration and hype.  

Vincent believes that this also reflects some of the common problems in blockchain games (mainly Dapp): financial attributes, speculative attributes are too strong; development cycle is generally insufficient, Tencent has been around for two years before and after catching the demon Time, the part of its blockchain will still be subject to a lot of spit, not to mention the fact that the development cycle of a large number of general blockchain games is not optimistic; the life cycle is too short – it can be two months long It’s gone.  

Zhang Jinsong believes that copying the gameplay of traditional games into a blockchain game cannot be called a blockchain game. The real blockchain game should be that the private key is controlled by the player and supports the player chain transaction.  

Then why does Tencent's game not choose the All in blockchain? Vincent pointed out that these two aspects: on the one hand , the problem of deposits and withdrawals. According to the current policy or the management of traditional games, the assets in the game should not and cannot be converted into legal currency. If it is the All in blockchain, the game assets are tokenized, which is contrary to the current disapproval and disguised prohibition of the state. Currency trading policy;  

On the other hand, it is the problem of using the threshold. As far as pure blockchain games are concerned, it is inevitable to replace the traditional account system with the wallet, private key and currency holding system. This is for the "outside" crowd who only want to use games to play and pass the time. Obviously, there are relatively high access restrictions, and it is difficult to promote the game.  

Tencent's chain tour "test field"  

Time reverted back a year ago, at the game's debut meeting on April 23, 2018, Tencent emphasized that they would use blockchain technology to launch the so-called exclusive cat gameplay. The game has a maximum of 110.5 billion unique cats. Tencent will first launch 640,000 "0 generation cats". Their delivery speed is controlled by the system according to the actual needs of the game operation. These cats are unique, players can freely reproduce and use blockchain technology to preserve – never disappear.  

At the same time, the press release issued by the conference also pointed out: "The "Catch the Demon Together" through Tencent blockchain technology better protects the openness of the game's rare content delivery, the alliance chain also opens the media node to the media. Invite the media to continue to join to ensure reliability. "  

From the white paper released by Tencent for the game, the function of the blockchain in the game is mainly to solve the current transparency and security issues in the game industry.  

In the data trust, the game props right, the practical role of blockchain props in the game, through the blockchain ledger to achieve the inheritance and permanent record in the game process, security protection, the introduction of media nodes will block the block chain Incorporate into the game process.  

How was the promotion last year implemented? From the IMEOS game feedback feedback, to get a dedicated cat, you need to reach level 22. After obtaining the exclusive cat, the cat can be chained by the so-called "Tianshu pen". After the chain is connected, the server can be used. (There are three services of "visitor login", "WeChat login" and "QQ login". All players in the area are breeding and trading.   

Players can use the game props to summon and purchase, breed and operate four channels from the market (ie other players) to get their own cats. Considering its relatively good picture and strong social attributes, compared to the traditional encryption cat game (it is also the exclusive cat gameplay), Tencent's this to catch the demon obviously has higher playability.  

The blockchain game that was tested by Tencent was extended to talk about the pain points of the current game. Vincent pointed out that on the one hand, we must grasp the balance between the chain and the chain. For the design of fairness and transparency and the game content of asset trading, we need to be on the chain, while other parts are not so strong. On the one hand, you can consider the use of account hosting, unified ID, to further reduce the use threshold of chain travel (relative to public and private key, address, wallet and other concepts).  

Zhang Jinsong also discussed his point of view from two aspects: technically, the industry must be committed to optimizing the performance of the underlying public chain, while allowing the development components of the blockchain game to adapt to the development habits of the average game developer; Consciously, practitioners should take the initiative to think about what value and meaning can be generated after the blockchain is placed in the game.  

The two also believe that the improvement of the current Layer 2, lightning network, side chain and other small components is of great value for optimizing the developer's development experience, reducing development difficulty, and reducing development costs. Zhang Jinsong further pointed out that Defi's maturity is of great value to promote the fundraising of chain travel developers and promote the trading of game assets.  

Low-key layout of international manufacturers  

In fact, at the international level, many well-known game companies have begun to pay attention to the combination of blockchain technology.  

Vincent further pointed out that there are already many traditional game manufacturers under the water surface to explore the blockchain. One example is the Mythical Games by Activision Blizzard and Walt Disney-born staff. Developed the team of "Call of Duty" and "World of Warcraft", the game has better production in terms of playability and picture.  

In addition, PANews also noticed the chain movements of some well-known big manufacturers:  

Netease has released "Fuxi Tongbao", which can only be circulated on a server compared to traditional game assets. The asset can be circulated across servers. It exists under each player's blockchain address and is dedicated to protecting the player's game. Asset rights;  

The strategic innovation lab of Unisoft, France, tried to use a number of private chains to run a game like "My World" – Hashcraft, which uses a PoW-like consensus mechanism for players to build and expand. Proof of the workload of the island itself – this may enable it to eventually get out of the centralized server;  

Sony and Microsoft, their respective Playstation and Xbox game console platforms, will work together with third-party companies to explore blockchains in user digital rights management, or to change past player game assets for various reasons. The state of disappearance.

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