Yao Qian: Looking forward to the emergence of global digital currencies and payment platforms not controlled by one party

According to 36 氪 news, on November 28th, the 8th China Payments Clearing Forum was held in Beijing. Yao Qian, general manager of China Securities Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd. said in his speech that in the field of international payments, we have two levels of expectations. One is to expect the emergence of a credible global inclusive public that is not controlled by one party. The big unified payment platform, the other is to hope for a digital currency in a global digital world. The current international monetary system is the US dollar standard system. From the perspective of international politics, the essence of the international order is anarchy, and the international community is an autonomous system. In essence, distributed computing of block chain technology, joint verification, etc. The centralized design and the concept of equal rights have a natural agreement with the characteristics of international currencies. The international currency field is a great application scenario for the application of blockchain technology. It can be an improvement and optimization of stocks, or it can be incremental. New exploration. The key lies in how to coordinate the consensus of all parties.