Li Lihui: Blockchain technology may rebuild business models within a certain range

According to Sina Finance News, on November 29, the ReFinTech Fintech Summit was held in Beijing. Li Lihui, the leader of the China Mutual Gold Association's blockchain and the former president of the Bank of China, said in his speech that blockchain technology theoretically has the characteristics of distributed, end-to-end, open source, and multi-center. It is possible to reconstruct the business model within a certain range by constructing a technical architecture. With the distributed architecture of the blockchain, the end-to-end network facilitates the parallel transmission of information, the realization of information sharing, and the parallel control of management and control. The blockchain's chained block data architecture, consensus mechanism, timestamp, and key technologies help prevent tampering with the original data. Smart contracts help to achieve differentiation and credibility of transaction rules, and to automate the execution of business processes. The current R & D and application practice proves that in large-scale commercial applications, the alliance blockchain is most likely to become the mainstream architecture.