Blockchain lottery? Hongbo shares reply to the letter of concern: there are corresponding cases and market demand

According to the cover news, on November 22, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange immediately issued a letter of concern to Hongbo, and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange required the company to disclose in detail the application scenario of the blockchain technology in the lottery and electronic ticket system, and whether it is feasible. In addition, it is required to explain whether the company develops blockchain business, whether there is a synergy effect with the existing main business, and whether the relevant decisions are scientific and prudent. In response, Hongbo Co., Ltd. responded to the letter of concern on November 28, saying that the application of blockchain technology in the lottery and bills industry has corresponding cases and market demand. The company's cooperation with Hashi Technology and Golden Elephant Company is managed through management. The decision made after careful consideration by the management has corresponding necessity and feasibility. However, it is also stated that Hashi Technology is a relatively young blockchain technology company with less than two years of establishment. The research and development field it is engaged in is more core, lower-level, higher development threshold, and more difficult in the blockchain industry. The large technology and product categories do not rule out the possibility of postponement or delay in research and development, product failure, or failure to meet predetermined requirements. Investors are invited to pay attention to the risks.