Leather bag company supports performance, it is easy to see that share factoring business is under severe supervision and touches the ceiling

According to the China Net Finance News, on January 28, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued an inquiry letter to Yi Jian Shares (600093.SH), which has continued to fall after the “blockchain concept” soared, asking Yi Jian Shares to explain their own and subsidiary business Issues such as reasonable compliance and risk exposure. From October 28th to November 1st, Yijian Co., Ltd. received 4 daily limit boards because it was close to the "blockchain" hot spot; and from November 25th to 27th, it fell for 3 consecutive days, and on the 25th, it closed at the limit. . After being taken over by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, and the commercial factoring business is tightened, it is easy to see that the plight of the shares is the epitome of the entire commercial factoring industry. It is reported that the predecessor of Easy Shares was Hejia, which went public in 1997. In 2012, Jiutian Industry and Trade (predecessor of the current controlling shareholder Jiutian Holdings) acquired 23.57% of Hejia shares for 317 million yuan, becoming a major shareholder. In 2017, Hejia Co., Ltd. was renamed as Yi Jian Co., Ltd. Starting in 2015, the company began to focus on supply chain business and commercial factoring business. At present, it is also based on information technology services provided by the company's "Easy Blocks" platform. From the financial statements, it can be seen that the main operating income and profits of Easy Shares come from its subsidiaries. Among them, the supply chain business is in Yunnan Dianzhong Supply Chain Company and Guizhou Yijian Supply Chain Company; the commercial factoring business is in Horgos Yijian Blockchain Company and Shenzhen Dianzhong Commercial Factoring Company; and the information business is mainly in Shenzhen City Rongshi Times Technology Company.