He Cheng of the Ministry of Education: Trustworthy Education Blockchain Based on Trusted Education Digital Identity Will Be Launched

According to the news of the blockchain, on November 29, He Cheng, deputy leader of the education card working group of the Education Management Information Center of the Ministry of Education, pointed out that the education blockchain must be trusted for identity, content, technology, and districts. Blockchain construction is credible, and the construction of a credible system should be based on the national cryptography law, electronic signature law, network security law, and the use of cryptographic licenses and electronic certification systems issued by competent authorities. At the same time, the state attaches great importance to the promotion of education cards and will launch a trusted education cube chain based on a trusted education digital identity system. Under the support of a trusted identity system, the storage and circulation of electronic certificates and electronic files based on educational cards will be more secure, credible and efficient, ensuring that the allocation of educational resources is transparent, open, fair and just.